The Women's Place serves as a catalyst for institutional change to expand opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power in an inclusive, supportive, and safe university environment consistent with the goals of the Academic and Diversity Plans.

The Women's Place embraces a vision of the university which supports all women to thrive, advance, and make their full contributions within an environment characterized by equity, freedom, and dignity for all people. Our work centers around the goal of catalyzing change at Ohio State by focusing on these four areas: policy, culture, leadership and reporting the status of women.

News and Events

Woman with her hair in a ponytail wearing business attire sitting at desk working on a laptop computer
A Closer Look at Women and Remote Work
Two young women sitting next two each other facing foward and smiling.
YWCA Leadership for Social Change Program: Empowering Women
Woman standing wearing business attire pointing speaking and gesturing while a man and woman listens
Women in Workplace 2022 Report Describes Current Trend as "Great Breakup"
Collage with images of men and boys and portraits of three men in the foreground
How We Raise Our Boys is Key to Gender Equal Future
Portraits of Tei Street, Milly Valverde, Aditi Bhatiya dressed in professional clothes
Ohio State Women Honored as Women WELDing the Way®
Teal sexual assault ribbon on a wood grain background
Bill Bans Workplace Sexual Harassment Nondisclosure Agreements

The Women's Place is Ohio State’s central resource for women. We work with and support on-campus groups, organizations and offices and offer professional development opportunities, grants, women’s health information and more.

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