Women of Color Faculty Network

The Women’s Place hosts events for women of color faculty at the university. These events provide networking, support, and professional development opportunities.

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The Women of Color Faculty Network offers write on-site, publication support and sponsorship for professional development opportunities on and off campus. Learn more about these activities below.

  • Write On-Site - A collective that aims to provide support, encouragement, and care to women of color writers across the university, it provides a consistent time and space to write; a support system for the advancement of women’s careers; development of relationships across disciplines and throughout the university; and a safe venue for critique.
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) - The NCFDD is a nationally recognized independent faculty development center dedicated to supporting academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers. Ohio State has an institutional membership with NCFDD, which provides on-demand access to resources and education that support success in the academy.
  • Faculty Women of Color in the Academy (FWCA) National Conference - This conference, hosted by Virginia Tech University, is a unique education and professional development opportunity that provides women faculty, university administrators, and post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students with a forum to network, engage and learn with peers from around the country. The Women's Place sponsors a limited number of Ohio State attendees each year.
  • Publication Workshops - Publication workshops provide faculty the opportunity to improve writing productivity.

Interested in joining the Women of Color Faculty Network? Contact Daryl Griffith.