Participate in study on tenure-track faculty mothers

Ohio State researchers are recruiting faculty to participate in a study on tenure-track mothers of young children.
Woman with children

Dr. Amy Barnes and Gretchen Turner, a graduate student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program at The Ohio State University, are seeking tenure-track faculty mothers for their study, "Pandemic Priorities: Stories of Academic Motherhood, COVID-19, and Navigating Faculty Life from Tenure Track Mothers of Young Children."

The qualitative research study aims to understand how mothers of young children who are faculty on the tenure track describe their experiences of academic motherhood, personal and professional priorities, and perceptions of faculty development opportunities in pandemic times.

The researchers are seeking participants who meet the following criteria:

  • Assistant or associate professor rank at The Ohio State University
  • Tenure-track faculty appointment, either pre-tenure or post-tenure decision
  • Identify as a mother of young / school-aged children
  • Willing to discuss your experiences of academic motherhood, your personal and professional priorities, and your perceptions of faculty development opportunities in pandemic times.

Participation involves:

  • Completing a brief demographic questionnaire to aid the researcher in analysis and participant selection.  
  • Engaging in an individual interview. The interview will be conversational in nature and will last approximately 90 minutes. Researchers will audio record and transcribe each interview via the Zoom platform. The interview will occur virtually.   
  • The opportunity to review initial themes collected from the research in a follow-up email message.

Eligible participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card as incentive.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please review the consent materials for more information.